Residential Security Team

Protect your place of residence and loved ones with our 24 hour RST (residential security team). Our team members are experts at keeping your home safe. Whether you’re at home or away, we can create a highly effective deterrent by posting an RST outside your property. From government officials and their families, to protected/vulnerable individuals, we’ve been trusted by varying clientele.

All of our team members have been vetted and hold the relevant SIA (Security Industry Authority) paperwork. Trained by some of the worlds most advanced militaries, including “special forces” training, our RSTs can be positioned outside your property 24/7. Our residential security team are in constant communication with one another and can also be easily contacted by yourself or a family member.

For further peace of mind we can combine RST with alarm systems, CCTV, panic buttons, sensors, patrol dogs and more. For further information about these additional security options, including our affiliation with renowned protection dog handlers “Protection Dogs Worldwide”, please visit our Consultancy page. Click here to watch a video about Protection Dogs Worldwide.

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