Close Protection

What is close protection? Close protection is where we assign a “bodyguard” to remain by your side and keep you safe from harm. At AlphaBell Protection Services we are a group of professionals that take as much pride in escorting a child to school as an A Lister to a red carpet event. Every operative has a minimum of 5 years experience and are SIR (Security Industry Authority) registered.¬†Below are some examples of the type of clientele we have experience in protecting:

Business persons, celebrities, families, government officials, HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals), royalty, UHNWIs (ultra-high-net-worth individuals), VIPs (very important persons) and vulnerable individuals.

As close protection operatives we have been trained to detect and deal with danger. Prior to working in close protection, we have worked within some of the world’s best military divisions and as such can provide operatives with medical experience. Across our team we also have multi-lingual operatives if required.

When people think of hiring a bodyguard they often think of black suits and sunglasses. The reality is often very different. Sometimes clients want us to blend in and to feel more like a friend. This way they have a specially trained operative by their side without bringing any unwanted attention to themselves. Other times they want us to stand out as a deterrent by dressing more like the stereotypical bodyguard. Either way our mission is to protect you and your loved ones from danger.

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